Welcome to Jambe Games

What is Jambe Games?

Jambe Games is a community of reality TV fans and gamers who enjoy discussing, hosting, and playing different shows online. The community was founded by Ryan Jambe who you can find on Tengaged or Roblox.

With help from a few friends, I have hosted over 20 seasons of The Amazing Race on Tengaged and developed some games based on Reality Shows on Roblox including; The Amazing Race: Roblox and Survivor: Roblox.

Join The Fun

You can join in with the community by connecting with us and others on Discord, Twitter, and Roblox.

If you enjoy playing Survivor online or The Amazing Race online or many other games, you will love being part of this community of reality TV fans.

Latest News

  • Happy New Year! Happy New Twist!Happy New Year! Happy New Twist!
    Happy New Year guys! Hopefully, 2020 will be a year filled with fun and exciting new things. I certainly have many exciting plans for my Roblox games this year, but who knows what will happen. To kick off 2020, I released a brand new twist to Sole Survivor – Edge of Extinction! About the Edge of Extinction The ...
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  • Christmas arrives on Sole SurvivorChristmas arrives on Sole Survivor
    The islands in the newly branded Survivor game, Sole Survivor, is usually tropical beaches and beautiful green grass, but this holiday season things are getting a little chilly! The islands have been transformed into a winter wonderland. Most of the grass and beaches are covered in snow and so are the leaves. Who wouldn’t want to spend ...
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