Welcome to Jambe Games

What is Jambe Games?

Jambe Games is a community of reality TV fans and gamers who enjoy discussing, hosting, and playing different shows online. The community was founded by Ryan Jambe who you can find on Tengaged or Roblox.

With help from a few friends, I have hosted over 20 seasons of The Amazing Race on Tengaged and developed some games based on Reality Shows on Roblox including; The Amazing Race: Roblox and Survivor: Roblox.

Join The Fun

You can join in with the community by connecting with us and others on Discord, Twitter, and Roblox.

If you enjoy playing Survivor online or The Amazing Race online or many other games, you will love being part of this community of reality TV fans.

Latest News

  • Musivision Song Contest 2019 Musivision Song Contest 2019 In May, we hosted our own version of the popular Eurovision Song Contest. As our fans are based all over the world, we decided not to base it specifically on countries. Instead, people could choose one specific song as long as the artist had not been taken by anyone else. We had 26 fans apply and ... Read the full story
  • Welcome to our new website! Welcome to our new website! Our brand new website has launched. Very similar to our previous website as you can still read the latest news and look at the history of our hosted games. You can read about our Roblox games as well. The main section that’s new is the “Boards”. In this section of the site, you require a user ... Read the full story