3rd January 2020

Exciting New Update

Happy New Year guys! Hopefully, 2020 will be a year filled with fun and exciting new things. I certainly have many exciting plans for my Roblox games this year, but who knows what will happen.

To kick off 2020, I released a brand new twist to Sole Survivor – Edge of Extinction!

About the Edge of Extinction

The twist is very similar to the twist seen on Survivor (the TV show). It was on Season 38 (Survivor: Edge of Extinction) and Season 40 (Survivor: Winners at War). Players voted out the game are given the opportunity to return and potentially win the game.

What do you do at the Edge of Extinction?

So, what do you do at the Edge of Extinction? You wait around on the island until an opportunity to return occurs. Also, you will receive notes informing you of advantages that have been hidden. If you find an advantage, you will give it to someone in the game after the next immunity challenge.

If you wish to leave the island, you can raise the white flag. This will signal a boat to come pick you up and take you out the game. Do NOT be tricked into raising the flag by others!